giovedì 20 gennaio 2011

Santo per cosa?

Come giustamente fa notare Andrew Sullivan, com'è possibile santificare "subito" Giovanni Paolo II considerato che, in qualche modo, egli fu un Papa che, nonostante alcuni meriti¹, ignorava o - purtroppo - copriva, tramite i suoi subalterni, i numerosi casi di pedofilia in Irlanda e altrove nel mondo?
Scrive Sullivan:
«And let us be clear who was presiding over this disgraceful and disgusting negligence of a core moral value: the protection of children from abuse and rape. The Pope ultimately responsible, John Paul II, is on an absurdly fast track for beatification. How will history look on a church that made a saint out of a Pope who ignored, suppressed, and had underlings covering up the rape of countless vulnerable children? In Ireland, the abuse was so severe, so long-running, so protected by a vile collusion between church and state that the attempt to hush it up is damning. It seems to me a stretch to argue that the Church under John Paul II returned to a very papal hierarchical structure and simultaneously say the Pope has no responsibility for the mass rape and abuse of children he so blithely presided over.
There's a reason the Church has traditionally waited a very, very long time before considering sainthood. That's because we can have the perspective of distance, of seeing the full life and legacy, and weighing every saint's flaws as well as grace. There is no doubt in my mind that John Paul II was a towering figure of Christianity who deserves a very critical role in the history of the last century. He was a deeply holy man, and sainthood may one day be appropriate. But there is also no doubt in my mind that he was a disgraceful manager of the Church with respect to the greatest crisis it has faced in generations. His relationship with and protection of the pedophile, incestuous neo-fascist, Marcial Maciel, alone makes beatification, to my mind, an appalling swipe at the children John Paul II abandoned to the wolves.»

¹Immagino un Wojtyla che, con lo stesso piglio con cui si rivolse ai mafiosi, urla a Berlusconi: «convertiti, brutta testa di cazzo!»)

A parte.
Comunque sia, io non capisco come possa essere beatificato qualcuno per aver in qualche “sovrannaturale” modo salvato/guarito qualcun'altro se, mentre avveniva questo “miracolo”, da qualche altra parte del mondo, anche vicino a casa, un'altra persona si dannava l'anima, o ammalava il corpo senza avere nessuna possibilità di salvezza.

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