giovedì 24 marzo 2011

Segnalazioni evolutive

Due libri che vorrei presto tradotti in italiano:
Matt Ridley, The Rational Optimist
James Gleick, The Information
(qui due recensioni via Boing Boing 1, 2).

Infine, riporto l'epilogo di un post molto interessante, da meditare:
Anyway: what I've been working up to saying is — democracy doesn't fit this model of human relations. In fact, I'm beginning to think democracy (direct democracy, not the bastardized democracy/primate dominance game that is representative democracy) is a third, and so far uniquely human, mode of primate conflict resolution (after direct dominance behaviour as practiced by chimpanzees or baboons, and sexual conflict resolution among bonobos). It can't work without language and (on a large scale) writing or other persistent media of record. It works better with a well-informed (or rather, meme-infested) population. And while it's useful for small (under 200) social groups, it really comes into its own for managing conflict resolution within meta-groups so large that not everybody can know everyone else. Its rival modes might include monarchism (of which dictatorship is a specialized subset), the direct descendant of the traditional primate dominance behaviour practiced on a larger scale, but there's no obvious way to scale bonobo-style sexual grooming across a nation of millions. (Porn, maybe? What do you call a system of government that works by federated bonobo-style sexual grooming?)*
*A quest'ultima domanda io risponderei: Bunga Bunga's Democracy

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